How to throw a Color Party (2022)

How to throw a Color Party (1)

What is a Color Party?

A Color Party is a fun and unique party theme that celebrates happiness, bright colors and the spirit of all individuals! With the growing popularity of color powder being used in color runs and in international festivals such asThe Holi Festival of Colors in India, a Color Party is just another great event and excuse, to use this fun and colorful product. Along with all of the well known party favorites such as colorful decorations, music, delicious food and dancing, at a Color Party, guests will also enjoy dousing each other from head to toe with a range of beautiful colored powder as the highlight moment of the event.

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Why is a Color Party great for
kids and adults?

A Color Party is a great theme for both kids and adults as it represents individuals of all ages coming together and just having fun! Surrounding themselves with bright beautiful colors in a truly unique way, stimulates happiness and everyone, no matter how young or old they are, love the feeling of happiness!
Everyone at the party, typically around the middle or nearing the end of the event, will engage in what you call a "Color Powder Fight."
This is the moment when everyone playfully throws handfuls of the colored powder at one another, covering as many people, with as much powder as they can. Then for the remainder of the event, everyone can enjoy seeing each others colorful clothes and patterns made by the color powder battle!

A Color Party is a theme that everyone can enjoy and promotes laughter and inclusiveness. It is no wonder that color powder events are fast becoming the "must do" events for schools, fundraisers and global festivals.
Check out this awesome video below of the "Festival of Colors" and see for yourself how amazing a Color Party looks!!!

What color powder do I use?

For your Color Party, you will need to use colored powder which is non-toxic, free of heavy metals and all certified. The powder is a combination of cornstarch and FD&C (food safe) dyes.

Wondering whether color powder is safe for your lungs? Our color powder is 100% natural and edible, (however eating it is NOT recommended). Like any powder substance, you might want to keep it out of your eyes, nose and mouth, as it would be like breathing in dirt. Even though the color powder is safe, it is still recommended to wear glasses or googles for the eyes and a bandanna or dust mask for the nose and mouth when the powder is being thrown at the party.

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As mentioned, although the powder is a natural product, which is considered safe, you should consider the extra precautionary safety guidelines recommended for people that have asthma or other similar respiratory conditions.

Enhance a Color Party with Slime!

Color powder is great to use alongside Instant Slime. Party GOATInstant slime is a product that makes a huge quantity of super colorful slime by simply adding water and would be a great addition to any Color Party, for the kids or adults!
This slime can be sprayed out of water blasters and is a fun way to get everyone really excited and involved in the epic color powder / slime fight!
If the party guests were to use the slime blasters first, the slime will make everyone slightly wet, which helps the color powder to better stick. Kids and adults absolutely love slime, so adding slime blasters into your Color Party is bound to be a hit.
Click here to learn more about SLIME BLASTER STATIONS.

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How to decorate a Color Party?

As the name Color Party suggests, you need to make sure that you decorate your party space with bright neon colors that will stand out in the day time and make your party area really pop!
Here at Party GOAT, we have a huge range of awesome neon decorations that look fantastic during the day, as well as under UV black lights.
From star and dot shaped garland that can be hung from ceilings, along tables and furniture, to awesome party word banners that can be hung up on walls and fun peace and flower sign decorations, these super colorful neon decorations will be the perfect match for your epic Color Party extravaganza!
Check out the full collection below!

What to wear to a Color Party!

How to throw a Color Party (131)

Wearing the color white or light colored clothing is the best idea when choosing your Color Party outfit. You want the colors of the powder to stand out as much as you can once you have battled it out in the "color powder fight" so be sure to avoid bright and busy looking clothing.
Sunglasses, googles, face masks and hats are all accessories that you are welcome to wear to avoid the powder getting into your eyes, mouth or hair. However we suggest to just embrace the awesome color powder and transform yourself into a colorful human rainbow!

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How to clean up after a Color Party!

I'm sure one thing that you are wondering is how to clean up all the color powder after the party finishes...
Please know that this is quite an easy process and there is nothing to worry about.
Be mindful that all the color powder will
be concentrated where the epic "Color Powder Fight" took place, so make sure that you do the battle in an open space location.

The clean up procedure consists of 2 simple steps -

1. Blow or sweep off most of the color powder in all areas. Leave blowers are a great tool to use here.

2. Then turn on either sprinklers or hoses to wash down the area (you can also use a pressure washer for a faster approach).

If you had Slime Blasters at your Color Party, the PartyGoat instant Slime is also biodegradable and soluble in water, so your area can be washed down clean by using the same cleaning method above.

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How to throw a Color Party (134)

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How to throw a Color Party

What is a Color Party? Why is a Color Party great for kids and adults? What to wear to a Color Party? How to decorate for a Color Party? We have a full guide on how to throw an epic Color Party and why it's a fantastic party theme.

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