2022 LG FRP Bypass Tool Download for Free (2022)

An FRP is a security process that comes your way upon resetting your phone. When a reset is performed without the approval of the proprietor, you need to sign in to your device through your Gmail account. It is a security measure to protect your files and data.

To get through this security system on LG Mobile devices, a bypass tool is often required. What does LG FRP tool crack do? Well, it’s just simple software in your computer that aids you to bypass the staunch FRP protection method on your LG device. Today we shall take a look at LG FRP tool download tricks and where you can find the lg stylo google account removal tool for free.

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#1 LG FRP Bypass Tool Download – Developed by Tungkick

Tungkick is a software named by its developer as you’d have guessed. We could find the early post on XDA forum on 2015. It’s a LG FRP bypass tool that helps get through the Google verification process after resetting your LG device. The LG Google account removal tool is used in extreme cases when you don’t remember your Google sign-in credentials and need to bypass the Google verification. This software is compatible with some old popular LG device.

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Basic about Tungkick

Excited to know more about the LG FRP tool crack, well let’s see how you can use the tool in order to crack through the Google verification process.

Supported Android OSAndroid 5.1, Android 6
Supported ModelsG3, G3 Cat 6
G4 (H735, H818, H815, H735L)
Glex 2
Volt 2 (LS751)

How to use Tungkick to bypass Google account on LG phone?

Step 1: Well firstly you need to download the LG google account removal tool.

Step 2: Once the software is downloaded, head to its location and extract the files onto a new folder.

Step 3: Moving ahead, you need to turn on the download mode on your LG device. To do so,

  1. Switch your phone off using the power keys.
  2. Then press the power button and the volume up button at the same time.
  3. While holding the keys, connect your device to the computer until you see the download mode on your screen.

Step 4: Now head to the location where you had extracted the files. Look for the “tool.exe” file and right-click on it.

Step 5: The tool will then open and display the different devices the tool currently supports.

(Video) All LG FRP BYPASS TOOL New 2022

Step 6: From the list, choose your device. Once you do so, the software will run on its own and perform the needed operations in order to get through the Google verification screen on your LG phone.

❗ Limitations of Tungkick

If you would like to use this LG FRP bypass tool to deal with the problem, then you should know:

  1. tungkick has stopped updating, and may not be covered for newer models and Android systems.
  2. Meanwhile, it is impossible to get timely technical support in case of any trouble while using it.

#2 Google Verification Remove Tool – LG BYPass Tool

We heard that Tungkick is unable to handle the FRP bypass on LG G4S (Beat), so here we show you a similar tool but actually sovle your problems – LG BYPass Tool. It works well on commonly LG phone, G3, G4, LG Flex 2, Stylo. If you have any questions, you can contact the developer by email.

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Here we leave you the download link, the usage will be included in the zip file.

#3 LG Google Account Removal Tool Download – Samsung bypasses Google Verify.apk

Another tool that you can opt for is the Samsung bypass tool for android devices. This tool is not just exclusively for LG devices but works well for almost every android phone. The Samsung bypass tool has the same utility as we’ve seen earlier, it helps get through the Google verification process without needing the credentials. The situation wherein you don’t remember the Google verification credentials after an FRP is like a checkmate, you cannot access your device, and neither can you resolve it using hardware components. That’s exactly why you need the Samsung bypass tool. Wanna know how to LG FRP bypass tool for pc free download? Well, follow along as we briefly explain to you the steps to use this tool.

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How to bypass FRP on LG phone with APK?

Step 1: In order to use the tool, you’d need to start with LG stylo 2 FRP bypass tool free downloading to your device. Here’s how you can download the software on your pc, follow this link and click on “download”.

Step 2: To use the software, you need to keep an OTG cable and a USB drive handy.

Step 3: Now using the OTG cable, connect your mobile device and the USB drive.

Step 4: Soon after the USB drive has been detected by the mobile device, the file manager will pop up and launch the APK app.

Step 5: by now, you already have access to the settings of your android phone. Open the settings tab.

(Video) Download LG Frp Bypass Tool V1.2 OMH Free For PC | Lg Frp Bypass Tool 2022

Step.6: In the settings tab, scroll down to the “back up and reset” option. Click on it and then select “Factory data reset” and then choose “erase everything”.

Step 7: Upon doing the above step, your android device will automatically reboot. You shall be able to make a new Google account in order to sign in to your phone or simply select “skip for now” and set it up later.

Hence we see LG stylo 2 FRP bypass tool free download makes rebooting and accessing your phone easier even when you do not remember your Google account credentials.

Something need to know

With the LG phone locked by Google FRP, any apk is not very easy to install, you need to be more patient and make sure the apk does not have any virus.

Now that you have learnt about LG Google account bypass tool download, here is another best tip for you!

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Useful Tips: The Best LG Lock Screen Bypass Tool -UnlockGo for Android

Well, after seeing so many tools you’d have already had a judgment in your mind about which tool to use. Hang on, take a look at iToolab UnlockGo(Android) phones before you stick to a tool. This tool is one of the simplest Android lock recovery tools out there. It makes the recovery task much simpler and more seamless. The tool is very simple to use and even a neophyte would easily be able to use iToolab UnlockGo.

(Video) Hunter LG Tool Remove Frp Screen Lock Unlock All LG Model

UnlockGo (Android)

LG Screen Locks Removal

  • 0 technical skill needed
  • Supports all LG device models
  • Remove all Android screen locks, PIN, password, pattern, fingerprints, face lock
  • Covers over 15 mainstream brands, 2000+ Android models

The LG stylo 2 google account removal tool makes device recovery possible in a matter of a few minutes. Let us know how to remove lock screen with this tool.

Step 1: Launch the tool after downloading and then click “Remove Screen Lock” on the main interface.

2022 LG FRP Bypass Tool Download for Free (6)

Step 2: Connect your device and select your device information.

(Video) LG FRP Bypass Tool 2021-Frp Bypass On Click tool 2021

2022 LG FRP Bypass Tool Download for Free (7)

Step 3: Next, you need to put your device into recovery mode and remove screen lock. Please follow the on-screen steps to move on.

2022 LG FRP Bypass Tool Download for Free (8)

Step 4: In the end, your device will reboot and there is no passcode anymore.


Well, an awful memory could often lead to disaster. Forgetting credentials is the roadway to trouble. However, every problem does have a solution. So does this one! When you forget your Google credentials while logging in to your device, all you need is to LG stylo 2 FRP bypass tool free download. Using an LG google account removal tool, you can recover your mobile’s data with ease. We checked out a few FRP bypass tools in the market and also looked at a few steps to use these tools effectively. Well, you’d have already made your judgment about which tool to use, we highly recommend you to try out UnlockGo(Android), its seamless features will help you recover your device with utmost ease!


About UnlockGo (Android)

Secure Download


Are there any free FRP bypass tools? ›

Bypass FRP Lock is a free Android app created by Techeligible that lets you bypass the Google Factory Reset Protection system on your mobile device. Even with Google Play, it prevents anyone that may have stolen your phone from wiping your data and files clean.

What is the best FRP bypass tool? ›

Best FRP Bypass Tools (Bypass Google Verification 2022)
  • D&G Password Unlocker.
  • GSM Flasher Tool.
  • Pangu FRP Unlocker.
  • FRP Unlocker App.
  • FRP Hijacker.
  • Advanced Android Box.
  • FRP Lock Google Verification Bypass Tool.

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How To Bypass the Activation Screen On An LG Lucid 2 VS870 Smartphone

Can you really bypass FRP? ›

3 FRP Bypass Ways to Bypass Google Account - YouTube


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